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ggr270 lecture oct 12

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University of Toronto St. George
Damian Dupuy

Lecture 4 Oct 12MIDTERM8 12 by 11 paper sheet cheat sheet double sidedcalculatormultiple choice and short definitionquestions and long questionsex what is the relationship between a population and a sampleno mathematical questions on the multiple choice partunderstanding concepts is importantex define the four scales of measurementsex describe ratio scaleex number of variables define what scale of measurement they were measured atex difference between a median and a meanex if the result shows a skewed resultdo we use a median or the mean skewness formulawhats another name for the numerator covariancewhat does covariance give you and why is it importantit gives you the directionor what is the key difference between variance and covariancevariance is the sum of squared differences around the meansquare to get rid of the signcovariancewe are not squaring because we want the directionProbability IIProbability focuses on the occurrence of an eventwhere one of several possible outcomes could resultoutcome are and must be mutually exclusivecan be thought of as frequency of an event occurring relative to all other outcomesPAFAFE wherePAprobability of outcome A occurringFAabsolute frequency of AFEfrequency of all possible outcomes
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