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Damian Dupuy

GGR270HAnalytical Methods (Lecture 1) General course topics - Describing Data: for describing data you use graphs and simple measures (1 or 2 variables) ex. High levels of income cause high levels of education: correlation Statistical tools or techniques - Help support research projects, papers, reports - Skill set for future employment - Understand and critically comment or work of others - Understand and critically comment on work of others - Application of most appropriate technique or set of techniques - Understand and interpret the result - “What does this research mean to my research problem” Probability and Distributions - Probability: chances of something happening or not (ex. What are the chances of winning the lottery?) - Topics to be talked about in the future: Simple probability, sampling distributions (bell curve: normal distribution), statistical estimation (using a small subset of a bigger group then estimate and analyze the bigger group based on the small subset) (census used to do statistical all the time) (there is a process that we have to follow and a series of techniques and tests) What are Statistics? Statistics are basically referring to a set of techniques Any collection of numerical data: Vital statistics: ex. birth rates, death rates (is there more birth rates than death rates) - Economic indicators: ex. unemployment rates, rates of job creation, series of economic rates. - Social statistics: ex. poverty rates, crime rates - We can use these statistics and relate to each other to see how they work together (ex. Crime rates, unemployment rates, poverty rates etc) Statistics can be also referred to as a methodology for collecting, elaborating or presenting, and analyzing data. - Statistics can be used to summarize findings - Statistics can be used to validate theory (theory validation) (we use numbers of data to argu
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