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Rachel Silvey

 The growth of the financial capital is deeply connected with rural immigration.  National boundaries are constructed. They are not natural. So if you look at the US Mexico border it was fought over. All the European borders emerged historically, politically. Sometimes people talk about diasporas (9.50ish).... population. Mike Davis - planet of sums and book "imagined communities.  When you talk about belongings of migrants its a matter of fitting in to a place? Do I go to Greek parades?  Is it national for you in any way? Does it matter if you were singing Oh Canada? How has that changed along globalization?  Sense of belonging.  Identification are not just related to religion. But also what you think about the government.  Mobility can change your sense of what spaces of belonging you attached to. Look at that towards global capitalism. Globalization has deepened the sense of international student identity. If you look at the way globalizations has deepened the quality of classes. We are part of a global elite at u of t. U of t wants you to think that. Through production, consumption and travel.  The hyper mobile elite - the business class flyer. Billboards of business class. HSBC, targeted towards higher "elite"  SLIDE 1  Themes of readings for this week:  Migrants are constructed in various ways to serve political purposes  The state is often ambivalent and inconsistent vis-a-vis migrants (l ocal scale.. Build or settle but higher govt wants them here)  Policies and borders and individual immigration officials do political work. (who they want to stop always brings in their prejudice beliefs. Targeted on how you look what you were wearing)  What is the states role n relation to transnational migration? Smuggling? Trafficking? (In fact this growth in trafficking and asylum its not despite govt intervention it has grown because of the ways govt has
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