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University of Toronto St. George
Deborah Leslie

GGR327H Lecture #1 September 9 , 2013 Gender and Space What is feminist geography? a. role of space in maintaining women’s inequalities: economic, political and cultural, with the role of space, perpetuating and maintaining inequalities b. the construction of masculinity and femininity, varies across time (19 th century, versus contemporary in England for instances), also across geography like from north America and Saudi Arabia, context specific, (time and space), relational (what it is to be a man vs. a women), rules vary across time and space c. the relationship between gender-based inequality and other forms of oppression based on race, ethnicity, class, age, nationality and sexuality, the intersection of race, gender, class and other ideas Focus on urban city issues Film Essay -how does space play a role via gender, in constructing what it means to be a man or women? -close reading of a couple academic articles Event Essay -choose event that does not have to be current, could’ve been some time ago -approach: look how media depicts that events and what is media saying about women or men, how do they portray it, look at media coverage of Hillary Clinton signing policy (how did media portray her use of space) -other approach, use couple media sources like newspaper, read event through concepts and theories we have been considering in the course. Could look at recent incidents at St. Marys frosh. Final Exam -essay, broad questions that collect themes from course, with choice Gendered Geographies of Knowledge Production: Women and the “Geographical Tradition” Historical Position of women in Geography -discipline that has been populated by men -Gillian Rose “pioneer of feminist geography”, saying historically male field -Vermeer, The geographer (1668), painting represents geography as male, from office shoes the distance, objective vantage point. -about 70% of geography profs in US are Men, but the women in geography are junior, adjunct level. But things are changing. Why geography have so few women? Reason 1: Imperialism - geography and imperialism: has its origins in colonialism, began as part of a European tradition of travelling the world, mapping the places, charting resources, and where is it located, provide useful information to colonize that part of the world - royal geographic association, whos who of geography, Stanley livingstone, shackleton, captain scott (expiditions to Antarctica) Royal Geographic Society -refused to admit women until 1913/1915 -by 1913 there were a lot of women teaching, doing research, so became hard for them to deny teachers into royal geographic society, but 1914, said no to women, more protest and then 1915 allowed them to join again Geography: conquering, explor
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