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Deborah Leslie

relationship between two women because of inequality that plays out in home nanny and her employerGeorgio how home is a different place The home a state and space of exceptionlivein requirementlowers wages only shortage in Canadian market is the women who livein living requirement is to live in the home for first 2 years required minimum wage that is required to be paid they now earn less than wagework relation shaped by affective labour can lead to unpaid overtime home is a place of emotion that relate to the house work relationship with children with the women employed by because of this effective work cannot ask for the raise because of the emotional relationsegregated and entrapped lack of privacy isolated from other women it is different for domestic worker to improve their work place they cant compare their working conditiondifficult to organize exploited women hard to get together but in fact someone found the bond between the domestic workers that is contrary to the popular belief meeting in apartment collective shared apartment for social purposebut generally isolated work environmenthome a state of exceptionGiorgio Agamben Home Sacer 1998 State of Exception 2005modern biopolitics is characterized by states of exception where there is a suspension of the lawhomo sacer a legal designation for one who is excluded by and from juridical lawlegal designatingthese individuals reduced to bare life and legally abandoned they are stripped all the right and entitlement that come with the subjectsstripped down to a creaturely life result of stripped of right there is no valuecan be killed without punishment or subject to violence profound contradiction within modern democracy everyone should be guaranteed the right but seems like they are stripped of ithe argues that the concentration camps is the paradigmatic from of the state of exception those excluded from citizenship the concentration camp is the profound simple for those stripped of rightincreasingly through the state of exception coincides with the state of law and is not separate not separate from the democracy but rather part of it everywhere within in not spatially delineatedthe camp is now widespread within the liberal city and nationa state of exclusion within inclusion everyone should be included in the state of democracy but in fact everyone is notwe are all potentially homo sacerPratt 2006 legal abandonment often linked to distinction between public and private space a geographer in UBC suggestin classical Roman world politics anchored in public sphere while prepolitical patriarchial authority ruled the home public is ruled by politics private is non political dominated by other kind of political authority where there is household rules as opposed to politicsin modern democracies domestic sphere and family subject to rule of law but issues such as childcare and domestic assault still subject to ambiguity reluctance of both of law and agency police to pursue the domestic violence it is not subjected to the law continuing exclusion of the private from political because of gender womens full access to Western democracywomens issues depoliticized by being enclaved within the private sphere Pratt says home is still seen as a private spacedomestic workers are immigrants operating at margins of Canadian nation there are subjects to minimum wage overtime but easy to abuse them because they are new to Canadaeasy to abuse domestic workers because of powerless positionmost employers probably dont mistreat domestic workers but that does not negate the availability of the option according to Pratt problem is that there is option to be mistreat its the availability of option that defines maybe or may not be includedAgamben state of exception is when the law is decided and administered in a discretionary waywhen those who are abandoned are both inside and outside the law
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