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University of Toronto St. George
David Roberts

Urban Geography and Planning January 15, 2013 The city as a site of politics • The city as the space where political struggle and negotiation takes place • Roughly half the worlds population live in cities • Decisions that happen in the city often effect those places that are outside of the city The city as a political space • Who belongs and what the city represents are tied into the city as a political space • Seattle protest- wasn’t just about what was taking place in the city of Seattle or state of Washington, but things happening in decision making bodies that were supernational [outside of the city] • City and space of itself because of the visibility because sites of protest • White residents moved out of inner cities and into the suburban areas [ex. Detriot] and there was deindustrialization [movement out of factory work out of American labour market to places abroad] Being political • The ways in which we relate to each other and understand our purpose within a city are reshaped through political moments • Being political is understanding how we relate to each other in a complex society [city is a shared space and the politics is a process in which the ideas and norms of behaviou
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