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Robert Lewis

rd GGR341 Latin America Lecture 5, Feb 3 2014 Urbanization, informality and the Latin American city When did urbanization in Latin America and the Caribbean begin? - Precolonial time – many resided in rural - only 5% stayed in cities Functions - Administrative – cusco, peru – centre of power - Commercial - Ritual Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan (Founded in 1325) - Pre-concquest of 200,000~25,0000 - Beautiful layout of the city (contrary to Spain) The Colonial City Spanish city layout: power, privilege, wealth and rank – Spaniards wanted to live in cities - generating core activities – minerals, market – one city core and surrounding buildings – - Lobby for benefits - Political rights gained through lobbying - “nothing” really happened - No manufacturing - Some commerce - Administrative centre - Little communication – isolated Plaza de Bolivar, Bogota, Colombia - Social functions - Historical site Lima, - Street is well defined - Great architectural infrastructure Caribbean cities - Ports for exports and imports Cartagena, Colombia - For denfensory purposes Antigua, Guatemala The post-independence: urban primacy - Develops under made cheaper on production in South America, fostering local production – imposing tariffs – protecting from outside, encouraging employment and economic growth - huge impact on urbanization – advanced to manufacturing from agriculture, raw material production – rural to predominantly urban – social structure and life shifted – diverse services – better education etc - Primate city: “when largest city in the country has a population at least double that of the next largest city” Population size Argentina’s 4 largest cities - Greater Buenos aires (13.3m, 79%),
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