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Andrew Brown

Transportation Geography February 5, 2013 Trends Towards Inactivity • Computers have not only let us interact easier by sending in our work and then hopefully going out and being active • Instead, what has happened is that the computer has made things easier but people are still connected to it and don’t go out and get active • Lifestyles are increasingly inactive: there was more leisure back in the day and employment was more active and so were household chores [now you have washing machines and dishwashers] • Dr. James: people are becoming less active as they become wealthier • Walking is very important for the human body Changes in Transportation • Transportation is changing to be less active as well • Sign of wealth and prosperity is hopping into a car • Inactive hours: large portions of the day are occupied by physically inactive tasks such as work, sleeping, passive activity and household activities • Obesity is a trend with older people • Parents are being introduced to this new technology and doing more things online; they are moving from a time when they used to be more active to a period where it doesn’t help them to be less active • We pay more attention to how far someone will walk than how we get people to walk Scale • Urban structure: population density/activity density • Infrastructure: subway, route, density • Socioeconomic/lifestyle: auto ownership • Purpose: tran
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