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GER150 Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Willi Goetschel

January 21 2014 GER150 Lecture 3 Readings Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto (158-176), Capital, chapter on “Commodity and its Fetishism” (216—243) *Video: - Fantasia”- “The Sorcerers Apprentice” (about 3 minutes in) • Term in Communist manifesto - “sorcerer” • What he was referring to wasThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice, (a poem by Goethe) • What happens when you can’t control labour (relations) • Pg. 210-11 In reader. • Engels and Marx’s Communist Manifesto - most influential text. Straightforward (scheme of history), enthusiastic. Easy to digest narrative. Like a plot summary of Capital. Gets to the point. • “a spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of Communism.” quote. Communism is like a spectre- it comes out of the dark of repression, and therefore strikes fear, among bourgeoise of a possible revolution. An anxiety about communism haunting Europe. Potentially explosive counter-pressure is in the air. • Workers are not yet powerful, but by acknowledging them and being anxious about it, they are given power. Marxist dialectical argument. Draws the opposition into his argument. • Talks about a history of class struggles. Pre-feudal, feudal, manufacturing... • States are just representatives of the bourgeoise’s interests • Societal belief systems are dissolved into economical relationships • pg. 161-162 “all that is solid melts into air...” --> Bourg. has reduced even family relations into money relations. • Today - invention of the “modern” family (average of 1.5 children). • the Bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the means of production... it has to be driven further. • slaves of machinery, appendages to the machines.We are slaves to the machines. • people today get more tired using computers than typewriters (paradox) • the more complicated the machinery, the more efficient the exploitation • There is no choice... externally forced to use this system to remain competitive.You can’t opt out of it. • considers connection between capitalism, colonialism and imperialism. • for marx, human nature is shapeable. • two parts to his writings - urgency to do something now, or letting things run its inevitable course. • Only 10% or less of people actually do own private p
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