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th16 Jan 2012GER150H Lecture 2Textbook 1871 to todayIn fact lots of ger national identity before 1871Nationalism an important feature of national identityanti French sentiments in 1789 there was the French revolution germans eg Hegel and his friend absolutely enthusiasticgermans some hesitation cannot be brought about by revolutionwas there ever a revolution in Germany in 1848 in 1918 in 1968 1989 change had to come about by ways of reformPerhaps there are roots you are according to liveNapoleon brings to germany brings to anti French sentiments and growing wish for new national identity they wanted to fight against the French and Napolean1813 Volkerschlacht at Leipzig ie battle of the people at LeipzigGerman armies with their allies defeated Napolean The first time that there was this feeling that There is this growing selfe confidence that he can be defeatedBig question what happens to EuropeDestroyed enough that a large restructuring was necessaryvia a republican structure we go back as closely as possible to what has happened before which was what happened ie 181415 Wiener Kongress Restoration of previous legal structuresFederalismAutonomy in each of these dukedomsThere is again a restriction of these freedomsEg of speech of assemblyGermans especially those closer to france had gotten a taste of liberal rightsThere was a lot of unrest in germany in 181415Germans were still following in some way the french modelMuch more participation of german writers in the process eg Hoeldser1aftelin
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