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rd23 Jan 2012GER150H Lecture 3The 3 definitions of nation before 1871 refer to last lectures notesNation as an ethnic unityGerman jewish relationship implies a 2person dialogue more correct to call it german jewryThe german jewish question is perhaps the most important topic if one wants to understand todays germanyInfluences ger on many diff levelsInfluences germanys relationship in the EUThere have been continued attack that unity can be an optionGermany holds on to the belief of the EU and Europe very firmlyA way to answer the fears that germany could once again become a big and threatening political powerGermany wants to be in Europe not because it wants to be a dominant stateGermany and France influential in the EU economically economica problems and other cultural qualitiesMany initiatives on an individual levels to sustain the GER FREnch relationshipEg school exchangesOther eg middle eastGermanys relationship with Palestine with IsraelStrong support for Israel and Palestine as an independent statebecause they see Palestine as parallel to Jew persecution in GermanyChristian and jewish beliefs kind of loadedthDistinction between Holocaust and 18 century and middle agesThere is a discontinuation how they see the JewsArgument that People of Jewsih belief lived long before Germans settled in Germanythst4 century we have the 1 Jews Jews in Koeln according to the Christian Roman Emperor Constantine refer to textbookIt was also decided by the emperor of tolerance of religious beliefs during thenGave protective status to people who were not of Christian beliefsCongregation in Milan in 1913 that made a declarationWas not an empire that looked for assimiliation religiously
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