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27th Feb 2012GER150H Lecture 6German Art and ArchitectureA huge topic much material to go throughWell start with the medieval agesMedieval artRoughly between 800 and 1420Includesminiature paintings in booksromanic architecture and sculpturegothic architecture and sculptureculture of the knightsmany of the first two listed above still exist today in Germany for exampleI want to focus more on the images and less on the textHere we have some miniature paintingsThe pictures in the circles are later unoriginal add onsPerikope A collection of biblical texts ndCommissioned by Henry the 2The new monastery the bamburg dormMaria with jesus on her lapThe three magi bringing her presentsNot much backgroundNo perspective artists not interested in any depthEg ground or grass but no attempt to make it look realistic Artists focus on emphasizing the status of the characters higher status of Maria andchild vs lower status of the three magiMaria under arch magi under flat roofProportions not realistic eg jesus sized not like a real childReminds us of Byzantine artBig eyes serious faces not realisticTwo skies of different colours above the two different groups of characters because artists not interested in realismMore interested in symbolism eg the different designs of the roofs above the two groups symbolize the divine and the not so divineThe magi wear step crowns not kings more like wise men not age differentiatedPerikope von griechkoptein schneiden bezeichnetSummaryPerikope Book of Heinrich IIPerikopeBible texts for reading in servicePerikope book of Heinrich II before 1012Master of the ReichenauSeparation in two panels distanceMedieval architecture eg ie a pictureSturdy buildingsSmall windowsTowers look like castle towers very fortifiedOn the hill because it was devoted to archangel MichaelWho was popular under the Christian german tribesSaint MichaelThe inside of the building which actually looks like how it does in the picture todaypainted wallspainted ceilingvery small windowssturdyalteration between pillars and columns typical of Roman architectureround walls typical of romanic architectureaisles on the sidesround navesbackground axes the diretion faces east for prayersquare and globe on top of column typical of romanic architecturedefinition of nave The central part of a church building intended to accommodate most of the congregation the central area of a church
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