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GER150H TUT 6th29 Feb 2012About architecture focus on memory architecture in DresdenDresden was bombed out during WW2Carpet bombed by the Americans and the BritishThe rebuilt church of DresdenWhat was really bombed outThey flattened out the city centreLeft most of the residential areas intactWhyA calculated move to demoralize the German people25000 people were killedsense of the scale of destructionDresden before the bombing was known as the Florence of Elbe a river nameDresden was once one of Europes most beautiful cities but in 1945 Allied bombers turned what was known as Florence on the Elbe into a pile of rubbleFlorence has a legendary artistic heritage according to wikipediaIt was a centre of cultural and architectural capital of Germany one of themFlorence was the birthplace of the RenaissanceLots of buildings in Dresden were rebuiltA building that looks like patchworkThe darker brick units are the original parts of the buildingThey look regularly spaced out around the building and not just one cornerWere going to watch this documentary on itThey catalogue each and every stoneDebate where to put the stonesGoethe Institute KuBus Dresdens Frauenkirche en on youtubeIts a lot about reconciliation what does that mean
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