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CinemaWeimar cinemaAn overviewThen an example that leads to a new topic of this course terrorismWeimar cinemaEg Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari Robert WieneSee portal shell post her textNever went back to the influence that german cinema had during the Weimar yearsWhen you hear Weimar cinema what do you think about Stereotypes clichscertain star culture inventedfull blown star media advertisementgolden years of Weimar cinemasuccess counted in numbers the money earnedthe influence languagethe experimental formits so different from Hollywood cinema in the way that the kind of acting the stage productionmostly silent film during that dayso actors overactedmany mad characters overacting invites such characterseg a mad character in Das Cabinetmakeup was exaggerated almost clown like especially with male figuresin terms of acting was better than HollywoodFritz Langs M was a sound filmWhich affected some actorsEmigrated to US HollywoodActors had to make a transition from silent to sound movie eg in terms of actingGenreNot represent reality but states of mindForm what form could do Adventure filmsHistorical filmsDetective storiesAufklaerungsfilm sexual education filmseg Anders als die Anderenwhich is about homosexuality and whether it should be legalizedalso there were films about abortionin 1918 right after end of warthere was a removal of censorshipin May 1920 there was a reintroduction of state censorship because the state felt people had too much freedomduring WW1 there was a stop of film import lead to an increase of production of German filmsdifficult economical situationstars leave for Hollywood and some become fairly successful therevery fancy projects financially not viableintroduction of sounda nationalization of cinema film becomes nationalthe cinema could be distributed all over the world as German filmeg a still from Caligari depicting Konrad Feid early Weimar expressionist film another eg of Werner Kraussdepicting the acting stylethey played with shadows used shadows to create certain emotions in the audience such as fearThey also played with shadows in NosferatuWhen vampire comes closer to the woman you see a shadowAlso the overacting of the handsAs if reducing Weimar to one momentExpressionist cinema becomes reduced to eery moments
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