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Economies of Scale-livestock
Increasing dependence on input
Increasing control agribusiness inputs, processing, retail
Farmers are becoming increasingly dependint on external imports
Farms are not producing their own food
The size of the farm hasnt changed all that had changed is the amount of livestock they have
There is increasing control of agribusinesses the suplliers, are taking the cereal and then selling it to the
The cost of the food is increasing such as the suppliers the whole salers and the trucks
Farmer joe is going out and miking his cow but the milk goes through a whole bunch of things with
How is this food produced..its not where it is produced its how its produced
Just because its local dosent make it better
How far does this stuff have to come
Quality of food
Treament of animals feedlots,light exposure,conditions
Transfer of disease
Increase in wast output contamination of land, water ecoli, antibotics
Vast majority of animals are in feed lots
They eat food that is genetically modified to increase their body fat
We keep them in feeding lots so they are exposed more to light so that they don’t sleep and eat more
How is this impacting their quality of life?
The animals are increasingly standing in their own manouer because of the extra food they eat they poo
They give animals antibiotics but it only prevents and not cures disease
Where does this waste go? There are ponds of animal waste because they have no where to put it
Land cannot absorb the waste and so it get into our water supply
The ecoli in walkerton came from the local farmers
What are the side effects and how are they going to impact us and out environment
The Green Revolution
Transfer of agricultural technology/practice From Dcs to LDCs
High input/high outpur agriculture
Primary focus-what, rice & maize
Green implies environmentally friendly but the green revolution is the opposite
This reveolutions starts in the 1960’s/70s
We dont have enough food how are we going to feed them=comes the green revolution
Will science save us?
High input=seeds.psticdes,herbicedes/high output=food, more food
You cannot have high ouput without increasing the output
If you want to feed a large population the most effective eway of feeding them is through cereal products it
cannot be done through livestock
Consquences of Green Rev
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