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GMOs continued
Do trangenics solve the problem of resistence?
Likely do more harm than good
Resistant pest & weeds emrge more quickly
Use of extremely harsh chemicals
Continueal need to re-engineer crops
Significant environmental problems
All they do is remove the pest that dont have resistance but it leaves those behind that do
If all the harsh chemicals are on the plants its inevitable to end up being consumed into the human body
They are gonna have to add more and more different genses to try and combat the problem of resistance
Monsanto was one of the main company that created agent orange they are a chemical company do we
really wanna trust them with or seeds?
They also supply rounup and roundup ready crops
Because they felt t hat farmers were abusing the contract to only use seed for 1 year they started to form
seeds that would terminante in the second generation
Basically farmers are even more dependent on seeds cor porations
Now campanies want to take patents out on genese and if anyone else wants t o use that seed they must pay $
All of these genes are naturally created in nature so they should be public for humanity t hese companies
arent creating them
In Europe companies are not allowed to take out patents on anything that is naturally occurri ng
Round up ready crop is resistant to round up so I.e. it wont kill off the camola
The old process of science research has been biased by who is funding the research
Animal Management practices
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