15 Dec 2010
Lecture 3
Soild degradation is not the same in all areas
The greater the pressue on the land in t he need to feed the people the more degradation you see
Canda doesnt have soil/agri culture which is why there is less soil degradation
Anywhere that is green on the map is not suitable for agriculture
In a tropical area it is very hard to do farming
You have to ertilize you have to malsh in the tropics
Soil salinization is a huge problem for areas that need to be arigated
What happens to plants that are growing?they get dehydrated and die if t here is salts in the sand the romans
salted the soil so that they couldnt grow food
In some areas t his is a huge problem when fresh water is being used for ir rgation
Climate change
There is some benfits of climate change such as longer growing sesason but in more areas you are seeing
more bad results=plants are experiencing drought and cannot handle extreme heat
At this point its to late to stop climate change=temperature change
The question is how much
If temp is increased more than 3 degrees planet will have trouble producing food for our world
Lecutrue 4
Agriculture is huge
You can see it from space
Whats the diff between cultivation and agriculture=? Cultivating is plants agriculture is plants and animals
plants crops, planting them on pur pose to grow food
Agricultre=free rein and cows and stuff like that
There is a huge part of t he world that cannot be used for cultivation
When we talk about agri culture we can be t hinking of different things
Crop and livestock assocaitions=if you have a crop that’s being fed to animal, and then on the other side that
animal is pooping and its going back in the soil
Intensity of land use=how much of the land is being used for cultivation
Processing and disposal of farm produce=you make have some chickens, everyt hing that coems from your
farm you eat and it all returns back to the farm
Mechanisation=actually have a hoe at the end of a stick, most time talking about tracktors
How much secialization-is it just focusing on corn
Labour vs. capital=how many farmers/workers do you having working on your farm
So you stay in one place or do you migrate=many traditional farmers do this
Scale of operation=how big of an operation is it, who owns the land thats being worked
Processing and disposal of farm produce=what happens to the food being processed on the farm
Hunter gathering
There is a reliance on the local environment=hunter gatheres
When you’re a nomad possesions become a burden because you have to car r y it around
Traditional agriculture
Start to domesticate animals before this the relation with animals was just hunting
Senetary=you build a house you dont leave it=it allows you to have possessions ownership becomes much
more common during this per iod
Industrial agriculture
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