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GGR124H1 Lecture Notes - Counterurbanization, Census Geographic Units Of Canada, Louis Wirth

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Damian Dupuy

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Urbanization Class 1
Tutorials only during assignments
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Canadian Cities in Transition 4th Edition, do not need the textbook, checkout
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The Macro View
o Defining the “city” or the “urban”
o Historical context
o Contemporary context
o City within a system of cities- the urban system
o Linkage between areas are cities, they are a part of a system
o Toronto, London etc. are know to be international cities because they
are driven by finance (stocks)
The Micro View
o Internal relationships with the “typical” city
o How do cities work
o City as a jigsaw puzzle- ex. Housing is influenced by economic
standings, which influences the transit system, and on and on
o Linkage between neighborhoods
View where we live through the eyes of a urban geographer
Urban Life: An Introduction
Defining the “Urban”
Definition is debated, there is no specific, not derived via scientific method
Louis Wirth (1938) large, dense, relatively permanent settlement of socially
heterogeneous people.
Lewis Mumford (1961) cities were a fundamental institution
Bunting and Filion (2010) places of intense social interactions and
exchange between strangers
Urban characteristics
Dense concentration (agglomeration) of people and activities
Proximity (changes over time, physical proximity is not really important
any more, many people are using technology ex. skype, face time. But in
business close contact is more important, face to face because its seen more
work is done when people are having face to face interactions), density
(promotes stronger interaction) and diversity are key characteristics
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