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12 Oct 2011
Urbanization Lecture
October 11, 2011
Last Week
Post-industrial urban landscape
Industrial-Manufacturing to consumption places; ex. Include the
waterfront; they are spaces directed to pleasure and recreation
rather than industrial areas
High end services: FIRE [finance, insurance, real estate]
Ghettos and citadels
Racialized and gendered geographies of precarious work
Gentrification; good example is Greenwich Village in New York
Elite Enclaves and Citadels
A spatially concentrated area
Creation of elite space where there is nice landscape, good
quality housing and inhabited with people who have resources
Wealthy area where the people have kind of segregated
themselves from other people
Enclave: spatially concentrated area of a particular population
group defined by religion, ethnicity and people come together to
enhance their economic, social political and cultural
Segregated racialized poverty
Ex. South Bronx in the 1970’s
Urban Politics
Municipal government in Canada
Has a history in the British system
Is probably one of the most democratic levels of government
Were created to monitor and manage property and the process
of politics around property ownership
Canadian cities were founded through colonial processes
Cities have very little legal standing in the Constitution; little or
no say
Federal Role in Cities
Federal government has no direct legislative authority over cities
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