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transportation, infrastructure and urbanization

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Deborah Cowen

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Urbanization Lecture
November 22, 2011
Social infrastructure and physical infrastructure
Portability: can you afford to get on the infrastructure such as
public transport
Density and transportation: Sheppard subway which wasn’t even
dense to support the operation costs of it
If your transit is bad, your first instinct will be to get a car
Transportation and Urban Form
Streetcars were a dominant form in the 1940’s for those who
needed to get places that weren’t within walking distance
How the car actually makes one pattern of mobility- how some
communities are built around driving
How the car transforms everyday life in everyday life in cities
Not everyone could access a car or have one, but everyone could
be influenced/impacted by one- still impacted that life was
shifting to the suburbs
One way to get out was the construction of highways
Curitiba, Brazil
Brought out importance of putting land use and transport
Colour coded the buses to make it easier for elders, tourists and
children to ride the transit
Integrated outter city and inner city buses together
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