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Introduction Lecture 1

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Deborah Cowen

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Tuesday September 14,
Urbanization, Contemporary Cities and Urban life
People come to cities for many different reasons, and eventually they all come together, mix of
different cultures and races.
Focused on Nor th America Cities
Explore forces (such social movements and labour markets, public etc)
Processes (globaliza tion, migration, radicalization etc.)
Events (land claims, mega events, terrorist acts)
We will t ake visions, very seriously **IMPORTANT**
What is URBAN Geography?
Relating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area.
Located in or characteristic of a city or city of life
Land occupied by buildings and related facilities used for residences, industrial sites,
institutional sites, public highways, airports, similar uses associated with towns and cities.
In architecture, the functions and forms of the city
Urban places are those tha t exceed a population size and density threshold as defined according
to the census
Referr ing to a city environment
All persons living in urbanized areas (which contain at least one city of 50 000 and its
surrounding closely settled area) and places of 2500 or more population outside of urbanized
The study of the earths surface
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