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Migration, cont’d & Transportation and planning

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Deborah Cowen

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Migration, Continued
Discuss assignment 3
Transportation and planning
The spatial mismatch of settlement services
Newcomers are increasingly moving to the 905 area because there are established communities there, but they lack
the social and cultural supports that Toronto provides.
Immigrants now make up 40% of the population of Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill.
Furthermore, the federal government makes policy on immigration but local municipalities are left paying the costs
of settlement services.
- Community grants
- Language programs
- Job training and searches (employment support)
- Emergency housing for refugees
(It makes it possible for immigrants to come here and do WELL)
Controversies over retail signage
1. “Monster Homes”
- ‘Monster homes are associated with the new class of business immigrants who arrived in the 1980s and 1990s.
- They are known for their large size, their conversion of garden space to indoor space, and their aesthetic contrast to
established homes.
- They upset popular stereotypes of poor immigrants.
2. Kingston Road Motels
city was housing new comers and refuges in motels,
In 1997, number of Roma families came to Canada as refugee,
The racism was not limited to fringe groups. A city councillor and a journalist from a major newspaper
publicly made racist comments about the Roma refugees.
There were residents from the local community who supported the Lido residents. Local resident Stella
Kryzanowski escorted Roma residents past the protesters.
1. Californias proposition 187
It was making people that have no legal documents harder to access the services
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