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29 Jan 2011
Cliff Lau University of Toronto
GGR124 Lecture 3 (January 26, 2011)
Early Urban Development up to 5th century AD
1.4000-3500BC Mesopotamia
2.3000BC Nile Valley
3.2500BC Indus Valley
4.2000BC Yellow River
5.200BC Mexico and Peru
Generally, very early cities were small (2000-20,000 people)
Largest of the ancient cities was Rome
1.Close to 1m by 2AD
Athens, Sparta on Creek mainland by 800BC
Urbanism spread through Mediterranean from Greece
Planned Greek cities developed a gridiron pattern
Many Roman cities had this pattern, also:
1.Square or rectangular town perimeter
2.2 main cross-streets (E-W called Decumanus; N-S Cardo)
Middle Period Urbanization 5th 17th century AD
Slow growth of European cities
Decrease in spatial interaction after Roman Empire fell
Disruption of urban and rural interaction
Increased isolation
Over time, commerce expanded function of the city mercantilism
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Middle period urbanization 5th 17th century ad. Why: decrease in spatial interaction after roman empire fell, disruption of urban and rural interaction. Increased isolation: over time, commerce expanded function of the city mercantilism www. notesolution. com. I ndustrial and post-i ndustrial urbanization 18th century present: most significant urbanization occurred after industrial revolution mid. 1700s onwards: 19th century cities where places of population concentration, great britain had the most urbanized population in the 1900s, cities became more specialized as a result of market forces. North american urbanization: related to the colonization by spanish, french, and english, earliest settlements during spanish occupation in south west (i. e. texas, North american urban system: phases shaped size and location of cities, in addition to their internal structure, phases relate urban change to advances in technology, especially transportation. Stage 1: 1970 1830 f rontier mercantilism: 1790 was first us census, most important urban places were on atlantic coast (nyc, philadelphia,

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