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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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Damian Dupuy

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Cliff Lau University of Toronto
GGR124 Lecture 5 (February 9, 2011)
1 hour long 6:10-7:10 (then short lecture after)
Look up past exams
Mixture of MC and short definitions (explain why the term/concept is
important to urban geography)
Lecture 1 to today
In lecture hall (ES1050)
Cities as Centres of Production
Cities as Centres of Manufacturing and Service Delivery
Urban centres dont build it, but they come up with the innovations
Number of manufacturing jobs may decrease, but its only the low-skilled
labour are losing their jobs but trained engineers will always have a job
Why is there a functional specialization among cities (especially
manufacturing activity)?
Why are larger cities more economically diversified than smaller cities?
Smaller cities may have one major industry (Oshawa auto industry)
Why do some cities have concentrations of corporate headquarters while
others do not? Most headquarters are in NYC as they are not evenly spread
out over the world. A lot of the decisions made are made in the same area.
Manufacturing is one of the most important components of urban growth
Manufacturing helps explain:
1.Development of the urban system
2.The emergence of large industrial metropolises
3.Specialization of cities in particular industries (the products RIM uses
would be made in other areas)
4.Differences in rates of growth, due to specialization
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