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Urban Planning and Policy

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Damian Dupuy

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March 16, 2011
Urban Planning and Policy
-urban policy and planning influences urban development
Examples of planning include:
1. Zoning
-the driver of urbanization
-the bottle neck of urbanization
-cities are structured as different zoning centres
-for example, a factory would not be located in a housing zone
-the zoning process is broad and makes the laws of what you can and cannot do on your
2. Location of various facilities
-can you put a stadium in the downtown core or should it go outside of the city centre
-can you turn old factory land into residential housing?
3. Community development, etc..
Planners are:
-concerned with the management of urban change
-often seen as mediators between social purpose and the city form
-what is the social purpose of the city? How is the physical shape of a city related to the
Trans-historical Issues
-NIMBY (not in my backyard), LULUs and BANANAs (google these)
-build absolutely nothing near anyone
-reform, reproduction or revolution?
-efficacy of planning
-how effective is the role of planning?
-or could individuals decide better for themselves
-planning for whom?
-are we planning for individuals or all citizens?
Baron Haussmans Paris slide
-his plan to change Paris after the French revolution
Modern Urban Planning
-powerful system of planning evolved in the UK
-characteristic is a strong government roles especially at the national level
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