GGR252H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Consumer Behaviour, Postal Codes In Canada, Protractor

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
Site Evaluation using Multiple Regression
1. The Concept of Regression
a. Simple regression: the association between two variables positive and
negative association regression coefficient (r^2) [ intuitive &
counterintuitive variables]
2. Multiple Regressio
a. The relationship between a dependent variable ( sales) & several site
and situational variables ( indepenedent variables, e.g. population,
households, etc.)
3. How to apply Similar Analysis
a. For a set of existing sites, need: Data on sales and potential
independent variables
b. Isolate key factors (variables) the individual associations of
independent variables
Pic 2 Counter Intuituve , the number of competitors is positive
Stages in Location allocation
Identify feasible sites
Identify the demand points for the demand zones
Identify the objective function in decididnf on the sites what is the nature of
the “ efficiency” we are trying to achieve?
Create a distance ( or time) matrix between the prospective sites and the
demand points
Establish an allocation rule. How are the users of the facilities likely to
decide on which facility they will use? Selecting the closest site is the most
obvious allocation rule.
Ask the question what set of sites is the best for your services
Exam ; bring ruler, calculator, protractor
The Geogrpahy of Demand
The market (a market is a set of consumers )
How do we usefully describe a market?
1. Spaitially bouding a spatial market ( insititualtion, natural range,
2. Socioeconomic status - income , education, occupation
3. Demographics age, sex, life cycle, population pyramids
4. Ethnicity ethnic orgigins, language, religion, birthplace
5. Lifestyle 0 combinations od above
6. Consumer behavior mobility , awareness space , activity space ( model)
*IMPORTANT Sources of Market Data : Census , FSA’s household expenditure,
customer spotting ( affinity cards, etc.)
Two ways a population changes : natural change and migration
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