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16 Apr 2013
On exam
Bid rent model where people are found based on income
Where do you expect to find high income groups what are factors that
influence that?
o Man made feature: rail way line
o Natural Factors: Rivers in Toronto region ( humber, don valley)
o Patterns are generalized into models Burgees concentric circle
concept, Homer Hoyt sector
o Suburban’s will have high income because they are able to afford the
land and able to afford transportation
o Multiple nuclei concept Toronto was made up of multiple
downtowns (main downtown = Toronto, downtown york, downtown
Mississauga, Brampton)
o Education & Income very closely correlated, higher education = higher
o 3 factors for social economic groups : income , education and
o 21.5% of all households is one person living alone , now approaching
o concept of demographics : ages , sex especially life style
When looking at the consumer from the supply side, you need 3 or 4
consumers to buy your product than one high income individual
To predict changes in demographic (age/sex) composition:
Age specific death rates by sex
Age specific In migration by sex
Age specific Out-migration by sex
Age specific Births into the pyramid/population by sex
Population at risk (likely to have children)
Victoria is a town with a disproportionate amount of females, that is the
retirement destination (even if a married couple where to go , the man is
likely to die before) , bias of female most occupations are office jobs and
service centers for
Think about how are these different components changing ?
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