Lecture 3-January 22-The Importance of Marketing and Retailing

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5 Aug 2010
Lecture 3: January 22
The Importance of Marketing and Retailing
Marketing Geography: Primarily concerned with commercial/retail location in reaching the consumers
of goods and services. Essentially an economic/business emphasis; but much more complex than just an
economic exchange.
1. Economic
a) Sector shift model
b) Share of employment
c) Employment opportunities
2. Social, Cultural, Lifestyle
Values/norms/preferences/prejudices/lifestyle/personal expression
Logos, brands, status, mobile billboards, branding fashion. (attaching brand names to other retail
areas such as nike on car) We are mobile billboards by wearing brand names.
3. Urban Landscape
Retail/commercial activities dominate most accessible/visible landscape. Ie on highway commercial
can test in smaller markets, ie in London, Kingston because they are average, less diverse markets so
if it works there then it will theoretically work anywhere. Also can be highway bypass from
4. Psychology of Retailing
you decide to go to school)
ie Why do people want to live in Vancouver where there is going to be an earthquake? They made a
satisfactory decision in terms of risk level.
5. Recreation and Leisure
Recreation l Retail. Visitors. Tourists. Movie theatres. Restaurants. Community squares.
Shopping malls try to recreate the street with trees, garbage.
6. Political and Planning Implications
b) Merit (government promotes things that are good ie milk, exercise, Ontario fruits) and
non-merit goods (smoking, marijuana, prostitution, restrict these goods).
Planning: land-use controls.
Sector shift model:
Primary sector: close to land; ie agriculture, fishery, forestry, fur.
Secondary sector: manufacturing, construction
Tertiary sector (service): janitor, doctor, teacher, retail, marketing, etc.
Quaternary sector: services not yet realized, research and development (ie testing drugs)
Production (physical production)
Transportation (distribution) Marketing/ Distribution (40-50% of cost)
Select (market analysis)
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