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Lecture 12

Lecture 12-April 2

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Herbert Kronzucker

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Lecture 12: April 2
The Changing Geography of Consumer Demand (Market)
Market Change => Supply Response
A. All Elements of the Market can Change
x Size: P2 = P1 + (B-D) + (I ± E)
x Composition:
o socioeconomic. => income and education. Occupational diversity.
o Demographic: aging baby boomers, smaller households and families. (lifecycle)
o Ethnic: diversity, increase immigration change.
o Lifestyle: diversity
x Consumer behaviour: mobility increase (but IYOPHS), information ± internet/catalogue/TV.
B. Examples of change at the Settlement Scale
Migration. Redistribution. Interurban. (fig. 9.6)
C. Examples of Change at the Intraurban scale (Residential Processes)
1. Suburbanization
o Automobile opened up rapid suburbanization (from the 1950s on)
o Growing economy, baby boom, cars are now affordable.
o There is plateau in the growth of Metro Toronto because people are moving to suburbs because
Toronto is getting crowded.
o Markham was built up before Vaughan because Markham had sewers built.
o ³(PSW\1HVWLQJ´± the kids are grown up and now moving out so it seems as if there is a decline
in population.
2. Inner-city revitalization:
o Gentrification: population decrease, income increase.
o Redevelopment: population increase, income increase.
3. Segregation:
Voluntary/Internal Factors
Involuntary/External Factors
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