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Published on 14 Apr 2014
Lecture Jan 16/13
America as Empire:
How was a set of relatively isolated spaces transformed into the most powerful nation in the
oArgument= transformation of an ‘isolated land into a minor colonial mercantile society
and then into the world’s most powerful economic, military and political power
oAmerica was not yet a nation, rather a large collection of individual groups of people
Not yet connected, not yet a super power
oIncorporation, 1492-1890
Integration into the world economy
European struggles over world supremacy
This is when the US developed into a nation state and integrated into the world
oDynamic economic base (trade)
This would compete in the 19th cent. With GB, FR, DL, etc.
By linking through trade, US merchants were able to create a strong, large,
dynamic commercial economy
oDynamic economic base (manufacturing)
US creates largest industrial base in the world
oPolitical independence and building of a nation
Through revolution from GB
The creation of a political system, built on property, wealth, socio-economic
class, etc.
Key difference = US is a republic, not ruled by a monarch
Created US a nation on the world stage
oTerritorial expansion of occupied lands
Imperial expansion, to take over vast amount of land
Territory that did not really belong to them
oImmigration as population generator
Until 1800 US population was relatively small, but after it really took off.
oInternationalization (1840)
Political-military-economic globalization
American rise to world dominance begins in the first half of the 19th
oInternationalization: US Economic Expansionism
Move of firms overseas, rise of MNC’s
Move overseas takes many forms
Politically justified
Free trade was major way in which economies should develop
US would bring capitalist civilization to the rest of the world
Capitalism against communism
Growing relationship between the state, business and the military
Government stimulates and supports overseas expansion
Growing intervention in most aspects of everyday life
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