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Lecture 2
America as Empire
1. America as empire
2. Incorporation (1492-1890)
3.Internationalization (1840s to the present)
4. Impasse(1960\s to present)
In 1491 there is a few hundred thousand people living in the united states
Each of the particular groups had a relation with each other/their environment
This is the period when a contintental society is created
Capitalism is imposed
Integration into the world economy=European stuggles
America become one of the pirzed ressources that these euro powers can get a hold of
So the dutch,Spanish etc were going in to gain a foot hold on american soil and they do so and create farms
citites and so on
Critical to all of this is a creation to an economic base
Economic base was composed of agriculutre, slavery, etc
One of the key elements of the rise of america what that their economic base was growing rapidly
By 1840’s/1850’s large factories are coming in to be
Integration into the world economy=political independence
The british get hold of america
The whole political system was based on European precedence
Integration into the world economy=territorial expansion
Integration into the world economy=immigration
Before 1800 immigration was small but important
1820-1830, irish scandian immigration boomv
Immigration has fueld to the growing of the population
By 1900 america became in the core of the super powers joining Britain,france.germany
(from the 1840’s)
Political-military-economic globalization=american ties to world dominance begins in the first hald of the
nineteenth century
World industrial output=things that have been made form materials into a raw material I.e. chairs(chart
from lecture)
By 1913 a fundamental change has taken place america has caught up and is 1st in share of world industrial
This dominance of the american ecomony was built on the corporation=I.e. gm, ford etc
This economic exansion is relatated to the over seas expansion of america
US economic expansionism=move of firms overseas-rise of MNCs/move overseas takes various
forms/politically justified in several ways
Americans were opening up rubber plantation in places like Malaysia
1 in every 2 dollars of invested capta world wide was american
(america was installing amodern economy”=links to other lecture)
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