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Resource economy: Mining and the west
1. What is a region?
2. Mining and the national economy
1. What is a region?
America formed along regional lines
Greater specialization
Supported Americas rise to power
Before most regions were relatively self stufficent and self sustained
So a region is a particular area with a political social and economical structure
Centre has been the appaliachians
Western coal now important
America in the 19th century its industry was developed on coal before oil became more important
Part of regional specialization
Creates specific landscapes
Feeds the industrial machine
The huge industiral companies of Detroit would not be able to surive without the coal
Iron ore and the great lakes
Key mineral for industrialization
Main source: Mesabi Range
Oil and gas
Different distribution
Different geography
Without oil los angles would be a hole in the wall oil was vital in making it grow
Major producer
Linked to the rest of the US
It fed the rest of the united states
Mining and the national economy
Threee keys points
National integrative function
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Regional complex formation
Created industrial landscapes
Fluctuations: as capital investment foes up and down
Dependency: places are greatly vulnerable to change
Virginia city in its prime had many people looking for silver
Jerome Arizona=founded in 1876, 15,000 in the 1920s what was going on here was a mine it brought
miners, corporations and service places
Decline from 1920’s 1952: mine closed Today=450 people
These small towns were linked by a whole bunch of networks across the united states
Grand Canyon
Orphan mine, 1893-1988
Copper and uranium
Mining, the West and settlement
Moves west of the Mississippi after 1850
Directly linked to the rise of agriculture, ranching and mining
The frontier is part of the development of capitalistic america
The West:the great warehouse of raw materials”
Supplier to the atlantic-base industrial system
Boom from the 1840’s
Mineral production taken over by corporations
The goald, silver, copper, zinc could be found in far mininf towns of the far west
From 1850 on the mining frontier starts to come alive
Capital and the government open up the frontier
Land policy
Resource discovery
Mining leases
The federal government was critical to opening up theses areas
Land policy on the mid term****
As the land is taken away from the native population by the feds it is then distributed to people and
The geographical survey told people were all the resourses were
Custors job was to keep and maintain modern order and the federal government funded and kept this in
Capital and the government open up the frontier
Integrate the West into national and international worlds
Pacifying” the native population centered around usurping property, building settlements, and creating
state policy
Federal/native policies
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