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10 Apr 2012
Lecture 10: Working Cooperatively with Aboriginal People March 19, 2012
Indigenous Governance
What does environmental management look like? From the indigenous point of view?
On reserve, off reserve
UN Declaration
- The issue of control; a whole host of ways
- Whatever they need for self-determination; the link needed
- Nation hood and culture sustainability
- Aboriginal treaty rights are integral to understanding environmental and resource
- Capacity building - the ability to participate in these processes
- The crown ability/capacity to understand
+ Capacity issues on both sides
- Limited funding for environmental protection but economic development ^
- Creates a framework for addressing issues aboriginals face
Biggest issue: no land base (except for in Alberta)
Exercise their rights on crown land
The crown and Métis don’t always agree
Traditional knowledge is important to Métis
+ climate change
Ice and platforms for hunting
Northern containments
Endangerment of animals
Indigenous People
Indigenous people frame their culture and identity around the environment
Aboriginal treaty rights
Best interests of the First nations by the crown
Exclusion from decision making
Stake holders in a process rather then unique rights
Consultation Accommodation
- Trigger: when the crown has k, real or constructive of the potential excises one of the
aboriginal rights or title and come plates conduct that adresliy affect it.
Lecture 11: World View and Environmental Philosophy March 26, 2012
Traditional knowledge: is a field of study but not everyone agrees on. Knowledge based
on observation (on plants, animals, environment etc.)
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