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GGR327H1 Lecture Notes - Royal Geographical Society, Edith Holden, Robert Falcon Scott

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Deborah Leslie

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What is feminist geography?
- A role of space in maintaining women's inequality
- the construction of masculinity and femininity: how do notions of masculinity and femininity vary
across the time
-context specific between man and women/constrained by rules and regulations of gender
- Interested in the relationship between gender based inequality and other forms of age, class, race,
Geography History: Women and the Geographical Tradition
- Geography history is mainly populated by men (quoted by Gillian Rose)
Vermeer, The Geographer (1668) was the observer projects the recording of the features of the
Royal Geographic Society (1827) was the organization which was created for the improvement of
geographical knowledge
Livingstone/ Shackleton and Captain Scott were other well-known male geographers
- Royal Geographic Society refused to admit women until 1913-1915
- History remains but still only small number of percentage for female geographers work for the
geographic sector (Kobayashi found that only 2 percent of Canadian geographers are colored women)
Why the absence of women in geography's history?
(a) Geography's imperialist origins = to protect of colonization; imperialist ties continue;
tradition of exploration/conquering seen as male
colonies feminized; what Annie McClintock refers to as the porno-tropics of the European
imagination; in her book male travellers are always stated where they've been visited during the
exploration and which usually involves in feminized terms
male:clothed,active,vertical,sea,imperial power vs female: unclothed,passive,land,naked
subservience,horizontal (from the painting:America)
conquest a techonoloy of possession, but also a site of fear and anxiety
(b) geo as "science" construction of the discipline as a practical,field-based,rational,objective profession
thus women really didn't fit it into that construction
especially after Darwin 1859 Origin of Species
spawned an interest in historical animal and plant geology,geography, geomorphology
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