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Lecture 1/Introduction

Geography and Planning
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Herbert Kronzucker

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Lecture 1 JGI216 Urbanization and Global Change Sept. 16, 2010-09-16
-Stats. show we are slowing become an urban world. In 2009, more than half the world lives in an urban
area. It is expected to reach 69% by 2050.
-Urban: is particular to the country youre dealing with. For instance, in Canada at least 1000 people
must be living in an area for it to be considered urban. On the other hand, in Norway an urban area is
only considered urban if their buildings are separated by <50m.
-How else can we define the Urban? What does it mean to be an urban dweller? : Cultural Diversity, Job
Opportunities, pollution, crime etc.
3 Key Terms:
Urban growth: increase in size of urban population: -more births than deaths; -people are moving into
the area.
Urbanization: increase in the # of people that are living in urban areas. Spreading out (de-centralizing
spreading and reaching out from its origin)
-We will always need a need for agriculture and forestry, thus it is not reasonable to say that in the near
future, a country can have a country that has completely 100% evolved into an urbanized country.
-Canada is 85% Urban.
Urbanism: Lifestyles attitudes identities and values of people living in towns and cities.
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