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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

HPS300 January 31, 2013 Astrology and medicine Metaphysics and biology - Reason holymoprhism - Everycompund can be analystically broke down form and matter same for organisms - Metaohysics some matter and form Socrates and matter and form - What is form of living thing- what makes living things alive – all living things they share – certain characteristic makes thing living - Second is what is the matter – form and matter - To address need to go to biology - The soul is the form – substantial form – sould makes body alive – - Three different types living organisms - Therefore three types of souls - Movement – not change in psosotion but locomotion - Human is capacity of reason - Confusing bc read impression have - Tripartite – soul three varieties this is what he thought hakob - Implies human not have sensation Example - 2 souls same time if this was what he had in mind - Humans all three - Why not possible his conception - Think only one sould – compound and one* substantial form - Not what he was saying Faculties - Sould have three factories one soul - Different souls diff faculties - Idea anysoul compound of these three - Uml symbol of composiotn Next - Plants an and humans - They have nutritive soul - Sens facult and nutr - Humans everywhere - Every living has nutritive Soul as a cause - All causes coucnide - In natural things - Baby - Effi is father – final is fully developed human - Formal cause – is baby - If baby how all coincide - All human being - poteniallity – not same thing but same idea soul there soul here and soul there - Easy if consider fuly developed - Eff is his own sould – if does thing originate in own soul – responsible - Same thing formal and final - Purpose of human being is to exercise capacity of reason – formal to agreement to final cause - Mother is material cause – receptacle - Material of human being – refer to humorist physiology and medince not two words
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