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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

HPS300 February 14, 2013 Mosaic was different and came gradually 1000 years ago educate priests something resembling mosaic th Mathematics, geometery and logic question about mosaic in 11 century essay question The transaltion movement – only spoke latin th - 11 century towards the ends - 1150 mosiac contain several new elements and these were practical - Need medicine all times - Another thing need is put together calibers tool for purposes of date keeping need astronomy - Optics cams later - Moment all disciplines transalted not understand whats going on bc not know jargon forms and matter not unless know Aristotle - Works of Aristotle and commentators became more involeved - 1270 1280 early 14 century already in place - Assimioaltion was unproblematic - Medieval painful for theoretical knowledge Theology - Only thing know for sure christian doctrines - Not very scientific but world view - Creation ex nihilo, earth is spherical more then that divine being and he is creator - Also accepted divine omnipotence – can do anything not imply contradiction – not create triangle with 4 angles cant exist by definition, not 1 plus 2 to 7 - Cannot make it both helio and geo centric - Has limitation if think but everything conceiveable is in his power - Also immortlty of the soul and free will - One day learn of knowledge not in language – unavailbe in local language - Somehow incoperate system of knowledge - Aristotle consistent with all these things THEO AND PHIL - 4 c bc so 15 centuries between - Aristotle created system not close to christian theology - Enternity and soul - Been there from 11 century and 13 doubts there - Conflict theo and phil – basic question no with albert the greate and st Thomas Aquinas - Some philosophies yes conflict but that is god given true philsopy not conflict - Yes in conflict – most colleagues believed in opposite - Should abandon philosophy if conflict yes or no - No is siger – say do conflict but not abandon philosophy conclusion not good religion does nto accept but is nesccesar conclusion but end just philopshy - Dangerous postion - Radical postion is but – good journey - Philo short lease give freedom whole bunch conclusion – modify muslim religion need fiddle around with bible - Radical not change theing substanstial with Aristotle - Anti – dislike Aristotle and all other philosopher bc huge risk - Radical was condemned by church – it was condemned and then taught by church - List of condmen prop some by liberal to anything with aristole was condemned - One done like is radical Eternity of the world - Nothing produce universe - Nothing potentiality of something - Singularity is not nothing - Real christian nothing not even singularity - Thing not acquire form not potentisaly have Siger - Thee philosopher was
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