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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

HPS110H1 The Science of Human Nature Lecture 1 Introduction All readings on blackboard Syllabus, brief intro Week 2: Love - Harlow’s experiments - Issues of nature vs nurture - Capacity of love - Psychology with monkey experiments Week 3: Fear - E.g. snakes, heights..etc - Watson’s experiments (1920s) o Conditioning people to fear certain things o Case of Little Albert - How do we have all sorts of fears that are not inborn? - Blade Runner (film) - Skinner box Week 4: Obedience - Parents hopes their children obey them - Boss hope their employees obey them - What happens if the obedience harms innocent people? o Would you do it? o Milgram study Week 5: Conformity - Norms - Fitting in - Some negative associations - Danger of conforming in situations that involve doing harm to innocent people - Zimbardo experiment Week 6: Thanksgiving Week 7: Helping - Kiddy Jenevees o Stabbed to death o 30 someth
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