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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Paul Thompson

HPS200 Lec 1 Values- how you regard certain positions. -There are different kinds of values: moral values, individual values, and social values ->moral values: right or wrong behavior (what most people usually refer to when talking about values) -ex. Individuals causing harm, engaging in socially disruptive should be stopped ->individual values: interests. Sometimes these individual things WE value will affect how we think. -ex. Some people value their privacy ->social values: values that underpin a functioning society. These are the values that make a society function. For the most part social values get expressed in roles. -we will look at supreme court Canada issues to see how the supreme court of Canada has sorted out very difficult social questions. Ex. Supreme court decision on public nudity. Case we’ll look at is of a man who ran two swinger clubs. Received a complaint because swinger clubs are illegal, goes to court, supreme court of Canada finds the owner not guilty on ANY account. What makes this case interesting is not that they found him not guilty but the reasoning that was given and the stand that they set decided what
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