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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

The Factory System: Industrialization Part 1 9/13/2012 6:56:00 AM Manufacture before industrialization : the Putting out system Turnpikes and Canals: The Transportation system that made factory possible Putting put system: -raw materials bought and shipped out to new product; think wool. Central agent pays by the piece and collects the finished product from the artisans to be sold on, generally as refined material. By paying by piece don’t have to pay people salary. th  18 century roads and canals building;  mid 17 thcentury British roads are poorly maintained unreliable making transport slow and dangerous.  Late 17 thturnpike developments companies reliable all weather roads and charging tollds to pay for maintence.  Late 17-18 thcentury sees enlargement of river navigations and development of a canal system.  By 1750 all towns in England, Wales and Scotland connected by a reliable road system canals connect the major areas ……  Turnpikes increased transport entrepreneur’s could later have a diff party for transport; catalogues could be sent out .  Transport movement made transition to industrialization  Catalogue sales push on standardizations so many artisans producing on their own ; centralization in factories allows owners more control.  Putting out > factory  Manchester Sheffield and London became factory  Beer one of earliest products to come in factories and have steam power. People couldn’t drink water everyone drinks beers and small beers  Porter brewers pioneers  Ale is more popular drink; only could be produced in small quantities and cue Porter.  Malt- Barely dried in a kiln  Mash= Malt crushed and mixed with water.  Wort= The water off the mash once it has absorbed the sugars from the malt.  Porter vs ale; 1722 porter is dark and bitter as opposed to sweet ale. Porter is cheaper grain and not as temperament in the fermenting process. Can
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