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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Curtis Forbes

Conservation of Energy Electricity - Leyden Jar electricity was thought of a fluid. It was thought of as a bottle of electricity. - “Animal” Electricity – metal he was using was charged where the electric affect was coming from. Thought source was the frog’s tissue. A new type of electricity and called it animal electricity. - Voltaic Pile – galvanism. Became skeptical and didn’t believe in animal electricity. Discovered a Current must be added to animal tissue to make it move. 2 different types of metals separated by sponge and wetness created by electrolyte. One of those units will give you a direct current. As you add on more units, you increase the voltage. Gave experimenters a steady current over a sustained period of time. Before this, they used friction machines. Voltaic pile put a rest to those efforts. Ben Frank used this. - Electromotive measured in volts - Vulnerability between charge and motive work Magnetism - Loadstones – understood by middle ages you could use magnets for navigation. Did understand that magnets could be used to orient yourself. Descartes had a screw model of magnetism. Effort to give mechanical explanation of this phenomenon. - Faraday – become preoccupied with studying magnetism. Came up with lines of force. Mathematical ability was poor. Experimental work innovative. Greatly illuminated relationship between magnetism and electricity. - Electromagnetism - Oersted – - Ampere – aimed to show convertability between one another and convertability in one direction. Wind up wire create a circuit in a pile, you get something that acts like a magnet. Farady showed oppose affect. Deduce a current. Through moving of a magnet, you could induce electrical current. - Electroma
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