HPS211 2013.01.22 Lecture Notes

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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Curtis Forbes

2/6/2013 12:32:00 PM Lecture 4: The Chemical Revolution: Lavoisier’s Oxygen Chemistry The Chemical revolution 1. Chemistry : The Science of Substance  Interchangeably called alchemy : both referred to science of substantial change  Esotericism and Secrecy : there were lots of secrecy involved, people wanted to capitalize this. People would encode it even further once they found out it was novel.  Alchemy vs. Chemistry: Alchemy about taking one thing and changing it into another.  Chemistry as Taxonomy: Identification, classification of substances = taxonomy  Elements and Principles: periodic table, etc. People didn’t always think of it this way.  Richard Boyle: demonstrate the futility of two systems. o Didn’t come up with any system of his own 2. Pneumatic Chemistry : the chemistry of air or gas  Hales: pneumatic troph, air as the homogenous substance  Joseph Black: unlike Hales, air as having different properties sometimes. Air came in varieties with different substa
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