HPS211 2013.02.28 Lecture Notes

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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Curtis Forbes

February 28, 2013 – Thursday Lecture Exam hint: Don’t mention genetics or genes when discussing Darwin because they had no concept of it at that time Darwin’s Supporters Asa Gray - Provided information to Darwin before the publication of the origin specifically about the distribution of plants in America - Lots of correspondence between Darwin and Asa - This correspondence helped establish Darwin over Wallace - Wallace conceded that Darwin was the main person in coming up with the theory - Gray arranged for Origin’s publication in America - Gray while a supporter of Darwin was also a dedicated believer - He was someone who really took the time t try to align his faith with a clearly well rounded scientific theory - Many people rejected Darwin’s theories because they blatantly rejected Christian thoughts Difficulties with Darwin’s Theory The Mechanism of Natural Selection - Limited variation through selective breeding o Ex. Race horse breeding; there seemed to be a cap on how fast race horses could get - At the time this was a very serious problem o How do you get a new specifies out of a pool of variability of a pool that is basically limited? - Age of the earth o Kelvin said that the age of the earth was much too young for natural selection and evolution to have been able to run its course - Jenkin o Argued that over time traits would be washed out  Like if one white dude had babies with a bl
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