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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Curtis Forbes

LEC Feb 12 MISSED FIRST PART Stern Gerlach Experiment  Electron being represented by wave function in nature  two distinct probability functions  superposition of states  cannot find electron Schrodinger's Cat  How far can we take superposition  box with cat and radioactive material- probability that it will decay is 1/2  when it finishes enables hammer to hit a gong which releases gas and kills cat  how do we know if cat is dead or live  some ppl claim it is in a superposition of state- one half dead, one half alive  but schrodinger claims it is ridiculous to apply quantum mechanics (with superposition of states and indeterminism) to macro world (determinism)  no scientific theory that est at what scale you have quantum and what is macro Einstein  formulated rules of general and special relativity  special relativity claims nothing can go faster than the speed of light  Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox: two observers; we have a neutron- which has slight probability of decaying into proton- electron; the particle that is made from it must also be neutral; after the decay can be both arrows up or both arrows down (spin); before one side measures the proton it is in superposition of both states up and down but the moment he measured it
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