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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Pang Cheong

HSP211Test1 NotesLecture 11 CellSummary thy Transformation of life science in the 19 c y Schleidens schwanns cell theory y RemaksVichows theory of cell formation and division y New direction of research and thoughtsth Studies of Living Organism Before Late 18 cthy Studies of living organisms before the late 18 c o Natural history fieldwork observe collect classify species o Medicine form and function of human body Study of animals and plants as byproducts o Faculties of Medicine private collections Linnaeus and Buffon thy Transformation in the late 18 c o Shift focus from species in wild to bodies of organism o Rise of morphology ex Cuviers comparative anatomy o Museums of natural history as research centers th Further transformation in the 19 Cy Shift focus from morphology to physiology o Function of organs in the body physiology y Emphasis on expe
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