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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
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Hakob Barseghyan

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th9 Jan 2012HPS250H Lecture 1 IntroductionCase 1 MathematicsWhat makes this true How do we justify Based on experience Count apples chairs etc Is this how we justify 123If 123 isnt based on experience what is it based onFollows from definitions 2 is equal to 3 horizontal lines 11 and 3 is equal to 3 horizontal lines 111 therefore 123Theorems are derived from something check pptCase 2 swansall swans are whiteobserve examples of white swans experiencethen generalize that all swans are white theory formed from experiencedefinition of experience 1 observe 2 change things aroundCase 3 gravityTheory law of gravityExperience two falling objects of different mass land at the same time onto the groundHow do we know that
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