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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

th16 Jan 2012HPS250H Lecture 2 Rationalism and ApriorismTwo problems of the method of generalizationClassical empiricism Francis bacon wrote a book called New OrganonHe says all synthetic general propositions are based on experience summed up by inductionJohn LockeWrote a book called An Essay ie we observe we fix we generalizeBacon and Locke both thought the two problems had solutionsBacons solution to the problem of sensationsHe says that nature is an open book go out experiment with it you cannot be wrong ie whoever reads nature with an open mind no predjudices see things the way they are cannot be wrong When we read it with a pure mind we cannot misread itHence the name Veracitas Naturae latin for Truthfulness of NatureMany reincarnations still quite popularWhat follows is a version thereof based on natural selection modified a future one ie bacon did not insist his idea was on natural selectionNatural selection theoryIt follows from this theory that our senses are trustworthy they capture those properties of things which are essential for our survivalTherefore Pyrrhos worries are not justified The problem of sensations is not a serious obstacleEmpiricism our theories based on the We have a vicious circle hereIe How is the theory of natural selection justified We must rely on our experienceHow is the next thing justified EtcPrimary and secondary qualitiesWhen I drink a cup of coffee my senses convey many different sensationseg colour
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