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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

rd23 Jan 2012HPS250H Lecture 3 Kantian ApriorismThe problem of axiomsDescartes and Leibniz Only absolutely certain propositions theorems are then deduced from the axiomsOne weak link the starting pointWhat makes the axioms infallibleEg Matter is extension theoryHow can a synthetic proposition be justified a prioriSynthetic propositions and analytic propositions are what distinguish the formal sciences and the empirical sciencesHow do you recognize a synthetic proposition when yo use oneA you try to conceive of a world where it is not a case the oppositeIf you can do so then iti s synthetic If not it is not syntheticEg floating mountainsEg fire breathing dragonsEg alternative historiesThe opposite of analytic is syntheticThe opposite of a priori is a postiori aka Empirical means justified by experience and observationboth empiricists and apriorists realized that all analytic propositions are a priorithey knew that no analytic proposition is not justified empiricallyalso nobody denied the existence of synthetic empirical propositionsthe question was whether there are synthetic a priori propositionsempiricists say there are nonapriorists say there are and these propositions are the foundations of all scienceis the matter is extension really a synthetic propositionYou cannot think of alternativesEg matter has 2 attributes extension and attractionEg matter has 3 attributes
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