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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

HPS318 January 15, 2013 Lecture 2 - Embrace that all periods have same level of complexity, don’t carry forward progress at least in this course don’t see history as progress. A lot of knowledge is lost, important assumption don’t patronize the past see the past and how it worked how they looked at the world and refeclted and how politics played a part. Some things look familiar and other things vary different. - Beware anachronism – projecting present day views into the past and avoid that, oreset not teach us about the past take from present the questions put in bag and interrogate the historical sources - Galen 44-70 71-77 - Medicine is social cultural and political enterprise Today - Anceient medicine - Relationship in medicine - Asclepius and temple medical practice - Corpus the beginnings of certain medical tradition and relationship between medicine and doctors - Health = balance of bodily fluids Trad assumption - Western tradition seen universal - Western medical trad is one of many - Not thee but one - Reason universal is a historical product - Been contructed as such - One way of thinking is remember martin bernal black Athena the book hypothesis actually look at origins in Greece and euope this is contruction of 19 century archeologist not start in Greece but Africa and middle east idea challenge euro or western centric tradition - Greek great dialogue with what is now Egypt and middle east - And Babylon modern Iraq Sources of ancient medicine - Sources are scarce how build history and what sources inform our histories - Working with fragments - Papyrus - Vases, utensils and archeological artifacts that have remained - Bass-relief material cultural past as primiary source non verbal tradition - Important to engage in all sources not just text but objects how much is important - Statues - Written sources but not a lot of them - Mythological narratives - Greek gods like humans more super human - They are immortal and effected by human features they can be moody - Between humans and superhumans - More accomplished then humans - Power defines them - Many ass with certain faculty or certain power - Some of them more then one power one power is power if healing - Apollo is a healer a “iatros” - Responsible for the plague affecting greek soldiers and opening of the iliad - One of two homers epic Illiad - Final year of the Trojan war - Greek siege of troy - Troy is turkey more or less - Homer mentions or whoever spoke it not attributed to one person - 150 different wounds mentioned start thinking about healing and medicine - Not accept ransom for kidnapped daughter of priest she is apollonian priest and revenge sends plague to greek soldiers - God serious disease and some kind of mess surrounding it - Disease considered divine punishment Hesiod - Some degree of understanding of disease as divine punishment - Long poem like homer tells story of humanity history of degeneration - Diff periods different sense of time - Hesiod thinks golden age and since then only degeneration past was place of most perfect disease is by product and marks end of golden age - Zeus against Prometheus - According to ancients not only caused disease but cured them as well Asclepius - One is most famous healing gods of antiquity - Snake and rod - A landmark of tradition of medicine all the way to who - In beginning of hyp oath - Son of Apollo - Children of him helping - Hygeia hygiene coming from - Famous images - Very important guy for healing - Other versions he offers cures for money Temples - Dedicated
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