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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

HPS318 February 12, 2013 Key words – list of keywords and select number of them 4 to 5 sentences Reread primary sources – one passage from primary sources, contextualize it Short essay format – 2 short or 1 longer essay Xeno - First form of hospital we think about and a shelter for people to provide for the poor and provides healing services – xenos – xenos is foreigner –docherion is reception. Hospitals and hospitalities Basileias - One of the famous ones, founder st basil for the poor and providing healing services Cosmas and damian - Transplant of the leg, healing saints, how in christian world related to cult remains of saints, saints are healers mortal remains supposed to heal, development of the cult and emergence of number of temples – healed through dreams, interesting case of incubation practices appropriated by different cultures Santa maria - Florentine hospital for the sick poor in the 1500s, taken to be the first hospital the author argues for the poor and predominantly for the sick poor. Modern hospital takes care of sick Cloisters - Hospitals to inscribe architecture of the whole naturalists big vault air pass and all naturals to passions of the minds, one idea all naturals not get upset – tranquility to regain health – place in hospital regain serenity – point of contact healing the soul and healing the body This week - Learned medicine and universities Origns of the university - Funded in medieval periods - Not there forever - Understand emergence of universities go to institutions important for hospitals – monastaties place relligous people gather and org life in certain way - Translate Arabic into latin - Teaching medicine or healing practice in monosatirees based on texts - Illuminated manuscripts - Antiquity source of truth – fundamental problem place truth not christian - Library in monastery lots of books from antiquity and lost book of arititolte poetics – hard ancients hold truth and comedy soruce fo truth – monks had a hard time - Fraciscan monk investigate murders – people killed read second
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